Monday, February 13, 2017

numbered parallels - bronze and gold

this post covers the numbered parallel cards to the base set.  they come in two versions - bronze and gold - and exist for all 300 cards in the base set.  bronze cards are numbered to 50, and gold to 5. both versions have the machine stamp on the back.  in addition to the numbering, the set medallion and team logo (on the non-memorable moments cards) are modified to a bronze and gold foil, respectively, on each parallel set.  the framing/border of the memorable moments subset cards are also colored differently for each parallel set.

here are some fronts and backs of bronze parallel cards that i have in my collection, most of which are dodgers, of course:

#62 brooks robinson

#96 al downing

#98 steve garvey

#138 davey lopes

#178 dusty baker

#179 jerry reuss

#182 ron cey

#183 steve garvey

#201 jerry reuss

#202 mike scioscia

#206 alejandro pena

#252 terry forster

#277 john shelby

#278 kirk gibson

#280 mike scioscia

here are some fronts and backs of gold parallel cards that i have in my collection:

#88 manny trillo

#141 steve yeager

#167 george foster

the gold foil really looks sharp on the cards with black and white photos (like the trillo), but by far the best of these parallel cards are the memorable moments cards as evidenced by this image
courtesy of 1978, the year it all began - the blog of another garvey supercollector.  i consider it one of my great collecting disappointments that i don't have a gold memorable moments parallel in my collection, especially knowing that there is a steve garvey card out there.

next up, the autograph parallels.  stay tuned...

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